The 2016 Presidential Election— or —The Death of Politics, In Three Pictures

Conservative Sentiment

A three-panel comic featuring a politician, reminiscent of Donald Trump, at a podium an speaking to the audience.  In the first panel, he says "A wall is not enough."  In the second, the camera zooms out.  The candidate says "We gotta show these immigrants that they won't find a better life here."  In the third and ifnal panel, he shouts "Elect me and I will turn this place into a shithole that nobody would want to live in."

Democratic Response

A four-panel comic featuring a politician resembling Bernie Sanders, also at a podium.  In the first panel, he says "Wall Street is corrupt."  In the second, he says "Walmart needs to get off welfare."  In the third panel, he shouts "Donald Trump's wall is stupid."  In the fourth panel, in an aggravated posture, he screams "Fuck Walls."

Fact Checking

A screenshot of a news article I found.  It says: "We used to fact-check everything, every day," another reporter told me, "but it gets hard to keep up." For a writer filing on deadline an hour after a rally ends, there's not enough time to thoroughly fact-check the dozens of fabrications that spilled from the stage. It's also hard to know who the fact-checking is for. At this point, anyone who hates Trump has ample evidence he's a liar. And anyone who loves Trump doesn't care.

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