Funny Recruiter Email

Cleaning out my email this morning, I found this little gem:

From: Inna Dumanska <>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 10:13:06 -0600
Subject: Appreciate your expertise with this Open Source engineering issue


Hope you have a frightful Friday. I recently reviewed your profile on

Frightful, indeed.

I noticed you are an experienced systems administration and software
development professional and I would greatly appreciate your expertise with
this exciting but difficult-to-fill position I'm working on.

Apparently, being good at something technically qualifies me to do HR work...

Right now we are looking for an exceptional Sr. Systems Engineer in DT
Chicago with a bright software company. It's is one of the largest private
clouds and a global leader in software that processes human information and
unstructured data. The engineer will be working with Puppet, CFEngine, DB2,
MySQL as well as Linux...

DT = downtown? downtime? dance team? david tenant? day tripper?

Also, exceptional people who want to work at a bright software company? Do they also have to be an above average driver?

Hmm. Puppet / Cfengine, DB2 / MySQL. Couldn't decide? Doesn't sound too bright.

James, I do understand you are not a Linux bigot. I would appreciate if you
can just direct me as where to find such professionals as you interested in
Linuxy and for any valuable insights you might want to share.

Thank you. Have a cheerful upcoming weekend.

Inna Dumanska | Technology Recruiter | FORTÉGroup

Okay, this section probably deserves a little context, so here is an excerpt from my StackOverflow C.V.:

I assure you, I am not a Linux bigot. I mean sure, it beats every other OS
hands-down for sheer flexibility, power and stability, but I'm not a Linux
bigot. I would turn down a 500k/year job if it meant managing Windows
servers, but I am not a Linux bigot. Okay, I refuse to deploy web-based
applications on IIS, because Apache is so much better, but I am not a Linux

When I wrote it, I felt it was dripping with sarcasm and snarkiness. I guess that was lost on poor Inna.

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