The World According to Python— or —Do Python Developers Not Have Any Real Programming Problems To Solve?

Today, the not-invented-here department brings you the following gems.

Dulwich: Git-in-C Is So Last Week

Dulwich is the answer to the question: what kinda works like git, but lags behind it in bug fixes and feature requests?

That's right folks. Torvalds' own version control system, the software that powers the most massive collaborative Open Source development effort, just isn't good enough for Pythonistas. Because it's written in C.

Shinken: Nagios Needs More Python

Nagios (or Icinga if you who keep up with / care about that sort of thing) is perfect, except for that pesky legacy as a system that was kicking ass before Python 2.0 was released. Someone decided to rewrite the entire Nagios core (bad decisions and all) in Python.

Seriously, this is almost as bad as the Java guys and JeroMQ.

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